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Kriya-Yoga for happy life

Kriya-Yoga for happy life

Swami Nityananda Giri – A happy life through Kriya Yoga Swami Nityananda Giri explains in the following article how one could live a perfectly happy life through the practice of Kriya Yoga. In present day world we all have become slaves to our mind. Whatever we do, we do simply being swayed away by our emotions, influenced by our thoughts and desires or being attracted by allurements. But this should not be like this. We have to be master of our mind. If we go according to the wrong ideas of our mind we will commit mistakes. For example we may meet a person ugly in outlook and develop an unwelcome attitude towards the person but the person may be very nice by nature. This means we are deluded by the ideas of our mind and could not be able to take a right decision. But all our activities are first done in mind and then are expressed as speech and/or actions. And here our mind is cheating us....

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Sayings of Swami Nityananda Giri

“Our life must reveal the light we are.”

“One who knows the prana, practices the prana becomes prana, the Self. So hold your pranavayu, the breath for that purpose.”

“If there is a seeker there must be one to guide him.”

“He is a yogi who knows that he is always associated with God, the Self, not with body-mind interactions.”

“Though the philosophical knowledge is necessary but it can take us to imagination, our spiritual practice will lead us to realization.”

“While we need bliss we are lost in search of pleasure and pleasure is always associated with pain.”

“We have to know that our life is a journey to our own divine kingdom.”

“Our prison is the world, samsara, and the boundaries of our prison are ideas revolving round senses, sense organs and sense oriented objects and our preconceived mental occupation to find pleasure in this outer world.”

“The warden of our prison is our mind and he gets command from his big boss, the ego.”

“We create our own pain and pleasure due to the attachments and aversions we have in our own mind. By practicing detachment we achieve bliss.”

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